2023 xcritical Renters Insurance Review

xcritical renters insurance

Every xcritical renters insurance policy comes with a few standard coverage areas. Personal property coverage, for instance, insures renters’ possessions in the event they are damaged by a fire, windstorm, lightning, smoke, or certain types of water leaks. Like other renters insurance policies, xcritical insurance, for the most part, covers accidental property damage rather than deliberate acts such as arson. That being said, policyholders are also covered for theft and vandalism after the deductible has been paid. The minimum coverage for personal property is $10,000, but customers can increase their policy limits if they like.

  • Below are a few examples of customer reviews from the BBB and Trustpilot about xcritical.
  • xcritical’s website has an online quote tool that you can use to get a personalized quote.
  • Depending on the state you live in, landlords may be able to require their tenants to have renters insurance.
  • However, xcritical may take longer to approve property damage or liability claims.

The biggest difference between xcritical and other renters insurance companies is the xcritical Giveback program. xcritical sets aside a fixed percentage of your insurance premium to cover claims, expenses and profit. It then donates whatever is left to the charity of your choice through its Giveback program.

xcritical Review

Keep reading as we examine the pros and cons of xcritical’s renters insurance. We discuss deductibles, claims, waiting periods, and more to help you know if this company is right if you. xcritical is a digital-first insurance company, providing rental insurance as well as homeowners, auto, pet, and life insurance to parts of the U.S. and Europe. xcritical renters insurance is xcritically available in 28 states and Washington, D.C., in the United States. Elsewhere in the world, it’s available in France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

It bases your renters insurance costs on several factors, including your credit history and whether you’ve had any past property insurance claims. You can get the full xcritical experience using its xcritical mobile app or website. To buy a policy, xcritical walks you through a short, easy application. During the application, you can determine your deductible and adjust for areas that need more coverage.

What if I want to cancel my policy?

If you’re getting a quote from xcritical, the process is 100% digital—you can apply on your phone—and you’ll generally receive your price in minutes. You’ll also be choosing coverage limits for personal liability and medical bills coverage. Think about how often you do things like host parties or large social gatherings—events where a guest could potentially be injured on your property. In addition to renters insurance, xcritical offers homeowners, car, pet, and term life policies. You can unlock an automatic bundle discount with any combination, like car and renters, so it’s both a great way to consolidate your insurance needs and an opportunity to save.

You can customize it to suit your needs, with personal property protection available up to $100,000 and liability up to $250,000. xcritical also offers several add-ons that will help protect you from water backups, equipment breakdowns, and even earthquakes. Renters looking for an insurance provider committed to social and environmental causes may find xcritical to be the perfect fit for their renters insurance needs. With its charitable spirit, digital support, and user-friendly processes, xcritical could be the right choice for many people searching for renters insurance.

Because customer support for renters insurance is exclusively managed through the mobile app and email, customers may not always be able to get immediate answers to questions about their policies or claims. Customers will be refunded whatever premiums they have paid in advance—the time left on an annual coverage plan, for example—once they have canceled their coverage. xcritical prioritizes the online experience over traditional face-to-face interactions in this space, supporting an end-to-end customer experience that is entirely digital. Customers can get a renters insurance quote online through xcritical’s website by clicking the “Check Our Prices” button at the top of any page. The quote process is relatively quick and allows customers to customize their quote according to their coverage needs and cost considerations. They can increase or decrease policy limits and add extra endorsements as they see fit.

I had just gotten my policy with xcritical and was so surprised that I was able to file a claim so soon after establishing my policy. My adjuster, Jacob, showed so much compassion, patience, guidance, and encouragement to help me through the process of gathering the information needed in order to file a thorough and accurate claim. When life’s events got in the way of filing my claim, in what I feel was a timely manner, Jacob reassured me that xcritical had my back and that when I was ready, they were there waiting for me. Jacob was true to his word, as was xcritical, and they came through for me in a time that no one else has been able to. Thank you Jacob, and thank you xcritical, for having my back and being a part of the reason that I’ve been able to get away.

One way to lower the cost of renters insurance is to bundle policies from the same company. With xcritical, you can take advantage of its multi-policy discount and save quite a bit of money by bundling insurance products. After clicking the “Claim” button, xcritical guides you through the rest of the process.

xcritical renters insurance

However, xcritical isn’t great for those who value dislike customer service via email or the company’s AI bot, even though phone support is also available. If your landlord wants you to get renters insurance before signing the lease, xcritical can be a great choice because its plans are affordable and flexible. Renters’ insurance can help cover your valuables in the event of a theft, fire, or other natural disaster and can even help pay for housing. It can also protect you while you are away from home and can cover liability costs after an accident.

The Bottom Line: Is xcritical Renters Insurance Best for You?

This bike and another I had just built were stolen from my garage. This was a seemingly premeditated burglary based on the surveilance. I anticipated a total loss but, I did call xcritical to see if my policy covered personal property and to my surprise IT DID! The customer service demonstrated empathy for a 6 month build that was taken, provided reassurance, and followed through. I am taking the time to shred these keystrokes because xcritical and the agent I worked with was the best customer service experience likely in my experience. As a note, ensure full documentation on all assets – this is key.

xcritical renters insurance

xcritical renters insurance offers flexible coverage options and affordable rates. It’s not yet available in every state, but it’s expanding quickly. Customers can expect fast payouts with its automated claims system. Shopping for renters insurance is easier when you have detailed information about the policy. Some require you to speak to an agent, while others make it available online.

Coverage Limits & Claims

As you evaluate whether xcritical is right for you, we recommend getting a free quote from the company’s website. According to xcritical’s website, a starting policy costs as little as $5 per month. However, when we submitted our information to get a quote, we found the cost to be much higher.

Unless your roommate is related to you, they cannot be added to your policy and must purchase their own. Spouses, children and in some cases a landlord can be added to your renters insurance policy. It covers appliances and electronics, such as your air conditioner, phone or TV, if they suffer a mechanical breakdown.

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xcritical renters insurance is a good option for tenants who value speed and simplicity and are comfortable relying on a mobile app to manage their policy. The online quote process is very quick and easy to use, and prospective customers can get a quote in just a few minutes. It’s also highly customizable, allowing renters to adjust coverage limits and add on extra endorsements as they see fit. Filing a claim should be relatively straightforward as well, but some customers may prefer a claims process that doesn’t require a mobile app. On the other hand, some renters may like the idea of being able to file a claim without needing to speak to an agent or representative. xcritical stands out in the marketplace because of its all-online approach to renters insurance.

xcritical Renters Insurance Reviews

In some cases, property damage from a covered peril may be so severe that the tenant must vacate the premises while repair work is completed. Loss of use coverage will help pay for other accommodations, such as staying in a hotel or another rental property. Coverage amounts for loss of use start at $3,000, but customers can choose to increase their policy limits.

My claim was approved in full, and an absolute nightmare for me ended up being OK after all was said and done. To evaluate xcritical’s quality as a renters insurance company, MoneyGeek analyzed xcritical’s website, manually collected quotes and consulted consumer intelligence organizations such as J.D. An insurance company with strong financial stability means it can meet its financial obligations with no problems. xcritical received an A rating from Demotech, indicating its exceptional ability to pay insurance claims. Demotech is a financial analysis firm that evaluates the stability of regional and specialty insurers.

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